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The Arena Live Chat V3 is all about uncovering new tools to boost your customer's engagement.
We are thrilled to announce that a Dedicated Q&A Mode is now available at our Live Chat!
Pagina 14
You can activate our interactive Q&A Mode to engage your users and capture all their questions and opinions in a moderation queue:
  • Users can create questions that can be upvoted by other users, and the moderator will define what questions will be answered.
  • Moderators can review and choose the best questions simultaneously.
  • Our UI makes it easier to analyze, choose, and remove questions while keeping your audience entertained and engaged.
When you have the opportunity to connect with your audience on a personal level, you also get the chance to establish more meaningful relationships with your users.
That's why we are now offering
Direct Messages on our Live Chat.
Even with hundreds of users connected to your Live Chat at the same time, you can create private one-on-one conversations at any time.
With a beautiful new interface, the Arena Live Chat V3 lets your users easily switch between conversations.
To activate private one-on-one messaging, simply enable the feature when creating your Live Chat or enable it inside your chat:
We are happy to announce another brand new feature of our
We came up with this powerful tool to maximize conversion rates:
You can add several actions for your users to perform through the Arena Live Chat.
The possibilities are endless with Conversion Cards!
You can fully customize actions based on your business needs and leverage customer engagement to increase revenue.
We are happy to announce our new integration with HubSpot!
Arena + HubSpot
The Arena + Hubspot integration maximizes the use of our Customer Data Platform and brings several new benefits to help convert your leads into sales.
The release of this new integration marks the next phase of our partnership with HubSpot - you can now export all the user data from Arena directly to Hubspot for marketing automation and user activation.
All your contacts from Arena will be recreated at HubSpot.
If the contacts already exist on your Hubspot account, they will be automatically updated.
With our CDP - a tool that gives you a single view of your customers, gathering data from different touchpoints - we bring data enrichment to your user profiles.
You can also create audiences inside Arena based on the user profile, activities, and areas of interest and synchronize this segmentation with your HubSpot account. All the user scores, user intent to buy, and relevant information will also be easily exported.
If you have any questions or need helping setting up our new integration, please just send an email to
We are happy to announce that you can now integrate your authentication system with Arena to provide a simplified and enhanced experience to your audience.
The SSO (Single Sign-On) enables your users to auto-login on Arena when they're already logged into your online portal.
3 - single-sign-on-v2
Our CTO, Rodrigo Reis, wrote this straightforward article, explaining how to integrate SSO to your website.
To start using Arena's SSO, please email us at
Arena now helps your website rank higher on search engines!
We worked closely with many of them, including Google, to ensure that Arena's content is crawlable and more relevant than ever.
There may be huge opportunities to improve your search engine rankings.
To learn about all the different Content Management Systems we support, custom backend integration, and tips on how to improve your SEO ranking, check this post by our CTO.
We are pleased to announce that we are adding a real-time coronavirus map integration to our liveblog. With a simple click, the map will be added to your liveblog, bringing trustworthy and real-time information to your audience:
1 - Coronamaps enable
The map will bring daily updates with relevant numbers for all countries, with official data from Johns Hopkins University.
1 - Corona map live
Questions? Simply contact us through the chatbox on the right bottom of this page.
Arena provides a simple and powerful REST API to integrate into your business or application.
arena api
This API reference provides information on available endpoints and how to interact with them.
Interested? Simply contact us through the chatbox on the right bottom of this page.
You can now add any link at the end of the post published to Twitter and Facebook. It’s a great way to attract your social media audience back to your website.
To add a page link into your post:
  1. Go to the
    posting page;
  2. Connect your
    social accounts;
  3. Enter the
    URL of the page you want and publish
    some content.
Easy Peasy!
*The link will stay as default, just like hashtags, until you make a change. It will be present in all your posts.
All Arena's users now can display the preview of their PDF file in the Liveblog. Here's an example:
To use this feature, kindly copy the URL link of the PDF file that has been uploaded(via third-party service) and paste the link on the social content field within the editor.
image Team.
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